Q: Are your reports accurate?

A: YES. Our reports are extremely accurate. The personality assessment, which our CCD are derived from, are based on over 50 years of scientific research which yields an accuracy rate exceeding 90%.

Q: Can Sports Aptitude help me make the right player selection decisions?

A: YES. When it comes to selecting a player, almost nothing is more important that that player's "goodness of fit" on your team and within your organization. To evaluate this, we first use our PASS/SHOT/POINT survey system to collect information regarding the team's expectations for that player, the organization's overall environment, and also the current opinions of the player. Once this is completed, we use the information in combination with the Sports Aptitude Player Report to evaluate all the factors and provide in-depth advice on that player's "goodness of fit”.

Q: Can Sports Aptitude help me in Player Development?

A: YES. Each player is unique in how they react to different coaching styles, coaching techniques, and team environments. We provide you with scientific insight into how a player will react to those variables, which will help you find the key to unlock each player's full potential.

Q: How long does the assessment take?

A: If the player is not currently in our database, the assessment can be taken online in less than 30 minutes.

Q: Who uses your services?

A: Our services were initially exclusive to the NBA, but we are now expanding into other professional and collegiate sports organizations.

Q: Can my competitors purchase a report of a player who is on my roster?

A: NO. When a player has signed with a team, that team would have to provide written permission to allow a competitor to purchase that players report. This typically only occurs in trade talks.

Q: Are your reports in compliance with NCAA regulations?

A: YES. We have gone through a compliance review at both the NCAA D1 School level, as well as the Conference level.

Q: As my roster changes, so does my Team Chemistry. Will I need to purchase new reports on all of my players to generate a new Team Chemistry Report?

A: NO. Once you have purchased a player report, you own it. You would only need to purchase reports on the new players and then generate an updated Team Chemistry Report. Team Chemistry reports can be built with as little as 3 personnel.

Q: Where are my Player and Team Chemistry Reports stored?

A: Your reports can be organized and stored in your team’s account in our secure online database, which you can access anywhere you have internet access, 24 hours a day.

Q: Can we assess our foreign players, or players that do not speak English?

A: YES. Our assessment is available in over 30 different languages. Reports will be delivered in English, unless requested otherwise.

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