Critical Core Dynamics

What are the Critical Core Dynamics?

The Critical Core Dynamics, or CCD's for short, are the foundation measures of personality & behavior for each of the four report types. CCD's are the areas of an individual's personality that influence performance. In total, there are 10 different CCD categories for the Personnel Profile(listed below), 8 for Team Integration, 7 for Leadership Style, and 4 for Communication Tendencies.  Each CCD represents a different area of personality by creating groupings of behavioral measures and categorizing them.

These perscentile measures of behavior allow you to understand the probability that someone will act a certain way, with a certain amount of frequency. A person makes many, many decisons before he/she takes a single action. Using the CCDs to measure the probability of decision-making tendencies allows for far greater accuracy in predicting future actions because it provides you a road map to understanding the thought process behind those actions.  Understanding these tendencies is the first step toward knowing what environment and role the athlete is ideally suited for. 

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