Sport, Position, Situation

Sports Aptitude prides itself on never resting on our laurels. While years of research and analysis has gone into our current offerings, we believe that the continued refinement of the Critical Core Dynamics will only serve to increase the actionable information we provide.


1. Sport Specific Ratings: Each SA report is based on a sport-specific database of information. Be it soccer, basketball, or hockey, SA data is based solely off the results of that athletic peer group. The end result is the most accurate measure of sport-specific potential when compared to others within their respective sport.

2. Position Specific Ratings: In addition to the individual sport, SA bases their Critical Core Dynamics based off the positional roles individuals play - be it management, coaching staff, or player personnel. It is our belief that it takes a certain mindset to perform any specific role on a team and that each role comes with a very particular set of mental requirements that differ from each other. All positions are not created equal, and SA strives to identify the nuances that define success in every area of the team.

3. Situation Specific Ratings are the final element in SA's three-pronged approach to data refinement. This is tied directly to an athlete’s situational performance. Where many people are accustom to relying on the box-score to sum up how a team or individual performed, SA believes that there is a story behind the journey, a "why" behind the "what" when it comes to understanding the motivations that lead to the actions we see. 

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