Statistical Correlation

It is SA's objective to continue to refine our research in order to identify the most relevant correlations between athlete performance, skills and behavior. Psychological research has shown that work environment and role responsibility play a critical part in how an athlete performs. 

Our research is focused on quantifying both of these important factors for the first time in the realm of sports. With the recent advent of optical tracking technology, the ability to effectively define learning environments has never been greater. SA is working to statistically define team environment and athlete role in order to assess the impact of behavior on athlete development.

This "nature of nurture" approach allows us to quantify and predict the ideal roles and team environments for maximizing an athlete's developmental growth and overall potential by defining:

1. What is the athlete is suppose to be doing? (measuring anticipated role)
2. Where are they learning and who they are learning it from? (measuring work enviornment)
3. How much time do they need to grow and fulfill expectation? (measuring opportunity)

A full summary of our methodology can be found here



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