Sports Aptitude:  “Technology Leader in Sports-specific Personality & Behavior Analysis”

We offer services to all sports-related organizations or individuals looking to maximize “goodness of fit” by understanding how their personality strengths/weaknesses impact their performance. Matching individual qualities to the specific group environment and the tasks that must be performed eliminates the costly trial-and-error approach and increases the chances of maximizing performance.

General industry norms indicate increased personnel selection/situational “match” results of up to 30-50 percent when integrated into the personnel management process....what system are you using?

Sports Aptitude Service Includes: 

1. Assessment & analysis of current group dynamics or an individual's group needs

2. Identification of organizational/individual strengths & weaknesses

3. Establish the group's role-specific personality "ideals" or match an individual to their “ideal” group

4. Evaluate candidates for desired position(s) within organization

5. Deliver "goodness of fit" rank & ratings for positions based on custom profile

6. Target internal talent for proper development/assignment to ideal roles 

7. Improve day-to-day management of workgroups, goals, and tasks:

   - Identify key compatibility elements
   - assign tasks based on core competency
   - Improve communication/feedback loop
   - decrease time to completion

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