IQG PRO - Interview Questionairre Generation

The SA interview questionairre generator (IQG) was developed by our Science Staff in conjunction with feedback from our clients in order to pinpoint the most pressing topics and help you ask the right questions. The IQG functions as a tool for creating situational interview questions which supports a more efficient and effective personnel management program.

Getting quality feedback and avoiding "canned" response is always a challenge. Its not all about what you're asking, but how you frame the question. The IQG inventory contains hundreds of questions designed by interview professionals to get to the answers you need to make the most informed decision possible. 

The IQG archive allows for time-stamped, personnel-specific storage of both the questionnaire and your graded (HIGH/MID/LOW) response to the answer you were given. This allows you to not only store your favorite questionnaires, but to study your own patterns of interview satisfaction. When used in conjunction with SA reports, you can learn your own interviewing strengths & weaknesses based on how candidates perform once they've "got the job". 

Don't be fooled by what you thought you heard - verify, track, and confirm with IQG PRO 

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