Personnel & Team Chemistry Reports: 

Sports Aptitude provides four unique report types that are designed to cover the most important elements of effective group interaction. Each report is made of what we call the Critical Core DynamicsTM.  Clients
can use their personnel and team chemistry libraries to compare each of the reports to other people/groups they are more familiar with. Comparing ratings allows users to see how someone
“stacks up” against others who have established success in different roles.

The reports measure the following: 

Personnel Profile: (link to sample slide) user prompted with gateway form

The Personnel Profile measures the “socially desirable” strengths and weaknesses of an individual. There are 10 CCD categories, each detailing an important element of group behavior. The Personnel Profile displays an individual's rating in each CCD category on a 1-10 scale. The scale value represents what percentile the person falls into for a given CCD. (Example: Person X's 6.0 rating means they rate higher than 60% of the population.) Each CCD category is made up of primary components, which are the
different individual behaviors associated with the CCD.

Team Integration: (link to sample slide) user prompted with gateway form

These characteristics and their descriptions explain why higher overall ratings lead to a more universal "goodness of fit" for an individual while lower ratings may require a more "situational fit". These measures can also be thought of as "fits in with others" vs. "others must fit in” around them.

Communication Tendencies: (link to sample slide) user prompted with gateway form 

This report displays the four distinct communication tendencies an individual has. These CCDs outline how an individual both delivers and receives information from others. The higher the CCD rating the more prone someone is to deliver and receive information in that manner. Matching up communication tendencies between individuals is one of the best ways to understand the root of many issues that arise between members of a group. 

Leadership Style: (link to sample slide) user prompted with gateway form

The Leadership Style Ratings outline an individual's strengths and weaknesses based on a set of  seven distinct leadership-specific CCD categories. Each category is made up of individual behaviors as well as "sub-CCDs", or mini-groupings, that detail the specific behavior and personality characteristics that contribute to the individual's rating in each Leadership CCD.

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