Team Chemistry

Team Chemistry:

“Team Chemistry” is a term often talked about but seldom defined. Most individuals in sports take the “I know it when I see it” approach. But, applying a small amount science to the interaction between different personalities, Team Chemistry can become a measurable aspect of the game. Sound impossible? Its not. Sports Aptitude's solution isn't about telling you what the definition of great team chemistry is, but providing simple tools that allow you to use your own expertise  to define it.

Our technology provides the “comparison” and “compatibility” formulas that measure the personality strengths and weaknesses that help determine the quality of the “match” between situation and individual. You custom create the “team chemistry” groupings based off your “know it, seen it” experience.

There no greater predictor of the future than the past. Our “Team Chemistry” tools empower you with the ability to define and measure the specific traits that are responsible for those past successes and failures.



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