Data Partnership Program

The problems caused by "Data Silos" have become a major obstacle to overcome in the "Big Data" era. There are too many small, individual data sets that are custom to the researcher or organization, but don't easily translate between groups. Sports isn't alone in facing this problem. My first experience with integrating multiple, separate databases came while working at Acumen LLC some years back. Our task was to help some of the largest organizations within the federal government do just that.

Sports Aptitude was born out of the lessons learned at that time. The ability to access large sets of data is essential for maximizing its use. We also recognize the challenges that lay ahead as organizations learn how to best use behavioral data as part of the greater performance analytics process. The Sports Aptitude data partnership program is about addressing those needs. 

The program is simple: 

1. Teams that feed assessment data into the SA database have access to that data for life

2. Teams may request the raw data be transfered to them 

3. Teams only cover the cost of each assessment

4. Teams can upgrade and access the whole database at any time

5. Teams will have support available for custom research requests or data integration needs on-demand

Think of this as a " data retainer" platform for ease-of-use at a time of your choosing. Collecting the data now ensures that there is an ample supply for your staff to work with later. We will work with your in-house performance specialists to help build models based on their own best-practices and personal research methodologies. We can assist your data analytics staff for creating custom performance and development models based on the team-specific dynamics you value. 

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